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Play as the mysterious vigilante known only as The Shinobi. Trying to take down an evil organization called The Exocides, who're planning on world domination. As you progress mysteries start to unravel and things aren't as they seem to be.

Concealed is a first-person stealth game with a dark atmospheric world and it gets even darker and more strange as you get closer and closer to the ultimate truth.

Get ready to be immersed in the story-driven atmosphere of The Shinobe and who he really is. Will you solve the mystery? That's up to you!

Some gameplay videos:


  • Great noir-ish visuals
  • Cutscenes and dialogues
  • Beautiful music
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • 2 hours gameplay


  • Operating System: Windows 7  or Linux  (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 @ 2.5 GHz (or better)
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM (or better)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 650 / AMD R9 270 (or better)
  • 1.5GB HDD
Release date Oct 01, 2020
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreAction, Adventure
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Cyberpunk, First-Person, Ninja, Noir, Singleplayer, Speedrun, Stealth, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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This looks really interesting. Only just started but a couple of comments to make.... I think that installer will put a lot of people off. We're used to unzipping Unity games ourselves. I don't generally like running an exe that tells me it's from an unknown publisher.

And please, please give the player an option to turn off or turn down the head bob. It's way too much for me. Makes me feel queasy :)


Thank you for your feedback!

I thought providing an exe that does everything for you (exporting and unpacking) would be better. Anyways, I uploaded a new zip file for future users to export themselves.

Any chance of the head bob tweak? 😊


An intriguing storyline that constantly sparks mystery. The gameplay is creative and fast-paced. This is a highly recommended stealth game.